Dancer Information

Time Limit  for Solo Performances is 5 minutes.  Time Limit for Troupe Performances is 8 minutes.


Photography & Videography by Carl Sermon of Reel Sound & Light Productions
DOWNLOAD a form here.


  • All performers must check in at least one hour prior to their scheduled performance time. Doors open at 11 am.
  • Dancer Check-In is next to the admission desk where you will pay the performer admission of $5.00 per dancer.  (Cash is preferred, please.)  Each performing troupe member will pay $5.00.  Admission fee covers attendance for the full day.
  • Bios should be sent ahead of time to Sudeep at They should be sent on or before Wednesday, November 3rd 2021.


  • A dressing room is available.  A costume cover up is a must if you need to spend time in the festival room in costume before or after your performance.
  • Please note that the stage is raised, with wooden floor, white walls with a painted fabric backdrop, cutains ans wings.
    Dimensions: 38 ft wide
    18 ft deep on left side
    16 1/2 ft deep in the center
    15 1/2 ft deep on right side


  • Please note that all members of a troupe must be performing members. Due to space limitations, all members may need to enter from one side of the stage. Please keep this in mind.


RECORDED MUSIC REQUIREMENTS –  We know it’s long, but please read it to ensure that your performance goes as smoothly as possible.


There is no question that the careful and clean reproduction of your music is critical to your performance and it is my most important goal and responsibility. So there are a few things we can do to make your dance proceed smoothly.

The most abundant form of music is a burned CD with your selections on it. For best results you should burn the CD in AIFF format and you should burn it at a slow burn rate. Set the burn rate to 16X or less. Keep track of the burn rate and note it on your CD so that I may use it as a reference. It is a good idea to provide a 2nd CD as back up.

Another reliable form of media is a music device like an iPod™ or other mp3 player. Simply create a “playlist” with your music in place. Make a playlist with only the music for your performance . Use a clear identification in its title. This music device should be given to the sound engineer WITHOUT A CASE. The case may prevent the mini jack from making good contact. iPhones are Not Recommended.

Please be sure to turn off things like password access, or any messaging app that may cut off the music. My patch cables will do the rest!

LP’s, Eight-Tracks and Wax Cylinders are strongly discouraged. Strongly!

Be prepared to talk directly with the sound engineer when you arrive with your music – there may be questions only you can answer.

If you have multiple tracks and there is “dancer staging” in between, be sure to provide adequate time in your playlist segue.

It is also important for me to know…

  • the number of tracks that make up your performance, and the number of songs on that track
  •  if you wish the music to begin after you have taken position ON STAGE, or if you want your music to begin while you are OFF STAGE.

This information along with any special instructions should be included on paper along with your music media.

PLEASE Note: regarding iPods, iPhones and other mp3 players

  • Remove from case
  • turn off password lock out
  • Disable message alerts
  • It is helpful if your device displays the progress of the track being played

So lets dance!