In Fall 2013 while still a MECDA Chapter, the four board officers shown below were voted into office. This would be the last election for that Association. We became an Association with a name pending and temporarily called ourselves the Association formerly known as MECDA. In Spring 2014 we chose the name BABDAMA. We now operate in much the same way as before. Each of the original four board officers have specific duties and responsibilities as set forth below.

BABDAMA 2017 Committee Members

Safiyah – Committee Chair also responsible for facility, vendors & raffle for the Fabulous Fall Festival.
Leyla Lanty – web IT, posters, insurance, volunteer coordinator and anything else that needs to get done.
Sudeep – web & newsletter designer, poster maker, Fabulous Fall Festival festival dancers coordinator and she who makes the festival run on time.
Rawiyah – Treasurer, talent scout & showcase dancer organizer.

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Photo by Carl F. Sermon Photography

Leyla Lanty

Photo by Carl F. Sermon Photography




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Our Charity Of Choice

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
is a nonprofit, multi-cultural agency dedicated to providing proactive and forward looking solutions to domestic violence. Serving Santa Clara County for the last 29 years, NEXT DOOR presents a range of services to individuals in abusive relationships, starting with emergency intervention and continuing through self-sufficiency. Visit their website for more information about this organization.